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10 tricks that thieves use to steal from your phone

10 tricks that thieves use to steal from your phone

In 2020, Americans reported losing $ 19.7 billion from hacker calls. More than 50 million such calls were made and 40% of those who answered lost money. It is thought that people have a predisposition to trust more calls than any other form of communication, via email, messages or social networks, so hackers have chosen the new way of calling to steal money.

So what are the 10 tactics that fraudsters use?

They ask you if you listen to them well

One of the most insidious questions they ask you is: Do you hear me? And normally you would say Yes. So they got your Po that he needed to steal. They will use your already registered voice to access your bank accounts.

So try to give answers other than Yes.

You are threatened with arrest if you do not pay the amount they say

You are threatened and you get involved in the conversation by confronting. Telling him that you owe him nothing. While they continue to tell you that you owe them, you insist on revealing your identity, any other information and thus fall prey to theft. What to do? Just hang up the phone.

Your computer has got a virus

They tell you that your computer has a virus and require access to fix it. While entering it install everything you need to have access to your card and bank account details, or any other action you do on the computer. This way it is easier to get as much money as they want and no one will understand. Except you, of course.

They offer you money as if you had won something

Call, say you won a lottery and that you have to pay a small percentage to make the money transfer. Do not transfer any cents, no money.

A text message asks you to do a bank account check

Do not click any such link and moreover do not fill in the required data. If the bank needs an update, physically go to the nearest branch.

They pretend to sell you products, most likely at a discount

Do not answer any such phone calls or messages. If you need something, today serious companies, in addition to physical stores, also have online stores. Go to Google, search and buy what you want.

They touch you on the seder asking for money for charity

Awareness campaigns are usually not done over the phone. They get bigger, they become television. It is important to know where you are taking your money and make sure you are well-informed, even if they tell you the most painful story on the phone.

You are asked for the card PIN

"Someone stole your bank card, please enter your PIN to unlock it." Never, ever, write or tell anyone the PIN of your card.

Missed call

Do not try to call them back.

Removed as someone of the family

Be careful with these calls. Check with another family member if the story is true, first if it is your family member and second if there is indeed a major problem.

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