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April 1st, what is the history of April Fool's Day

April 1st, what is the history of April Fool's Day

April 1 is known in many countries as April Fool's Day.

But what is this day and where does it come from?

April 1st used to be celebrated as New Year's Day, but with the change of the Julian to Gregorian calendar in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, New Year's Day was set on January 1st. But some people continued to lie to themselves and celebrate this day on April 1, while others mocked them.

According to Professor Joseph Boskin's explanation, this day originated during the reign of Constantine, when a joker named Kugel told the emperor that he could run the empire better. Constantine took this with a laugh and allowed Kugel to become emperor for one day, April 1, which Kugel declared a day of lies.

This explanation was published in 1983 by the Associated Press, but there was a problem, Boskin had made it up as an April Fool's joke. It took the Associated Press some time to realize that this was a lie and apologize to readers. Today April 1st is celebrated in Europe as April Fool's Day and people play pranks on each other.

What are the most famous lies of April 1st?

In 1957, thousands of viewers believed a report published in the news giant, according to which scientists had discovered macaroni-producing trees in Switzerland. In 2012 Louis Tomlinson of the music group One Direction lied to fans, telling them he was going to be a father.

The craziest joke is considered to be that of an American woman who was arrested by the police after declaring that she had killed her husband.