Veliaj hosts the ski champion who competes for the red and black colors Lara Colturi

Veliaj hosts the ski champion who competes for the red and black colors Lara

In recent years, the multi-sport club "Tirana" is experiencing a surge in the quality of athletes competing in various disciplines, who have won national and international trophies and titles, such as Luiza Gega, the European Champion in Athletics, or wrestler Zelimkhan Abakarov. , World Champion. The support for sports from the Municipality of Tirana and Sport Club Tirana has made the talented skier Lara Colturi join the team.

She was received in a meeting by the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who appreciated her talent and assured her of the support of the municipality in the future.

"Lara is our fantastic skier. She is very young, only 15 years old, but an incredible talent. I can't wait for her, not only as a skier of our Tirana club, but also as someone who wears the red and black uniform, to represent us in future competitions. We will make sure that, the whole community of entrepreneurs, as they see that we have a talent with the colors of our flag, support us from now on. We've seen that when we support our talents in many areas, whether it's athletics, weightlifting, wrestling, or skiing, we've seen it pay off. We want to be part of your success, and automatically your success is also our success", said Veliaj.

For her part, the 15-year-old skier expressed her happiness for the choice that she and her family have made, to represent Albania and Sport Club Tirana. She will also be part of the working group for obtaining the title "Tirana, European Capital of Sport 2023".