Black market and online scams, UEFA: Do not travel to the finals without tickets!

Black market and online scams, UEFA: Do not travel to the finals without

In the run-up to the upcoming Europa League 2022 European Championship finals, the Conference League 2022 final and the 2022 Champions League final, UEFA reminds fans of its ticket process and the risks associated with buying tickets in a secondary market.

All tickets for the final matches are managed by UEFA and are subject to strict terms and conditions prohibiting their advertising, resale or unauthorized transfer. As such, any ticket offered for sale by third parties online (including social media, markets and secondary ticketing platforms) is advertised in violation of the terms and conditions of the tickets. UEFA actively enforces its ticket terms and conditions, including internet monitoring, and will take action (including cancellation of tickets) when unauthorized advertising is identified.

Fans should also be aware that third parties offering tickets for online sales often do not possess the tickets they claim to have to sell, despite asking for exorbitant prices for such tickets.

Furthermore, UEFA is aware that the demand for tickets for the final matches may result in the entry of counterfeit tickets into the secondary market, as has happened in previous finals. Fans are informed that any such counterfeit ticket can not guarantee them entry to the stadiums.

Tickets for the general public are sold exclusively by UEFA. The teams that have reached the final have also received a part of the tickets for their respective final and are in the process of selling to the fans of the finalist clubs. Fans of participating teams are advised to contact the clubs directly for further information on the ticket sales processes for their fans.

While UEFA understands that there will be fans who have not been successful in their ticket application, it also strongly advises these fans not to travel to the final without tickets or to buy tickets in secondary markets. To ensure the safety of the fans, ticket holders should be aware that in the final checks will be carried out and local authorities in the cities will take action against unauthorized resale of tickets.