Tirana Marathon on Sunday. 4 ways to be part of it even without running

Tirana Marathon on Sunday. 4 ways to be part of it even without running

This Sunday the Tirana Marathon welcomes more than 4,000 participants not only from Albania, but also from foreign countries, ready to challenge themselves and achieve important moments in their lives.

Even if you are unable to run the 42,195 km, you still have the opportunity to be part of this great celebration as a fan. Here are some ways you can lend your support and become part of the atmosphere of this wonderful event:

*1.Find a strategic location*

Select a location on the road that is close to the marathon route and where participants are expected to pass. This allows you to watch and cheer on the athletes.

*2. Support the challenge with flags and banners*

Get some small flags, banners or other signs of support to show your solidarity with the runners. You can write encouraging messages to encourage them.

*3. Smile and feel the energy of the city together with the athletes*

If you don't have banners or flags, remember that your smile and following the noise, the fame of the marathon, is also a nice way to enjoy the events.

*4. Take a photo and share*

Photograph the best moments of the marathon and share them on social networks to remember and help in the future to promote sport and physical activity. That's how you gave beautiful messages to the society.

Fans are an important part of marathons because they give extra energy to the athletes and help them to continue the effort on the way to the finish line. So, even if you are not a runner, you have an important role in this great event. Join others and create a positive atmosphere that will help all participants experience a wonderful day at the Tirana Marathon.