Sylvinho: Who does not understand the European, will not be on the field! I don't have time to listen to critics

Sylvinho: Who does not understand the European, will not be on the field! I

The coach of the Albanian National Team, Sylvinho, spoke on the eve of the match that the Reds and Blacks will play on Monday against Liechtenstein. The Brazilian technician says that the atmosphere in the team is quite good, and even shows that the players are charged for a positive result not only in the friendlies, but are even very ready for the European "Germany 2024".

" We are preparing as well as possible for Euro 2024, for the finals. I saw the right charge in the team. Of course, what is not missing is the charge and motivation that I have seen in the players.

The story of this tournament is just that, fast. We know that we have players who come from different situations in terms of activation with clubs. There are some players who have played less, but still important for the technical staff is to manage the group even for the players who have come with few matches. In terms of physical form, they are good and ready to face the European. The group has the right charge. We have to prepare the players as best as possible so that they can contribute to the team. The important thing is that the moment they are activated they make a difference on the field of play. I think they will give their best on the field of play.

Of course there is a waiting list, but we can't tell the names that are on it.

It's not difficult at all in a tournament like this, 1 minute can make the difference. Every player can make his contribution on the field of play. We are participating in a very dynamic tournament, every player can change situations. It is a chance that comes to many players or some. The player who does not understand this situation is not able to be on the field of play.

Everyone in Albania would make a list according to him and I would be unhappy, but I don't have time to see what is said in public. I have a lot of workload and work, but I don't have time to follow the debates that can be made since everyone has their own opinion.

I thanked all the people for their contribution to Albania. They have given their contribution for this participation in the European. I participated in the 2018 World Cup with Brazil and it's something that gives you a lot of adrenaline. It's all to be enjoyed ", said the coach of the Red and Black National Team.