The VAR system also debuts in Albanian football in the Super Cup match between Teuta and Vllaznia

The VAR system also debuts in Albanian football in the Super Cup match between

As in most European football championships, in Albania starting this season the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system will come into play, to assist the referees in their decision-making by repeating suspicious situations for avoid wrong offside positions, ghost goals or questionable penalties that in the past have created a lot of debate and clashes in our country.

For the first time this technological system will be officially used in the Super Cup match between Teuta and Vllaznia and then it will be in operation for 180 matches of the Superior Category, but also for the stages from the quarterfinals to the finals of the Albanian Cup.

Full FSHF announcement:

Albanian football officially starts today the new season with the final of the Albanian Super Cup between Teuta and Vllaznia, which is played at the stadium "Elbasan Arena" at 19:00. In this match, the VAR system (Video Assistant Referee) will be used for the first time in Albania, which is the innovation and the largest investment of the Albanian Football Federation in the new edition of football.

A total of 180 matches of the Superior Category 2021/2022 will be played with the VAR system, while this system will also be used in the Albanian Cup starting from the quarterfinal phase until the grand final.

For several weeks now, the AFF has been organizing the implementation process of the referee-video assistant through testing in several friendly matches and the last trainings to start its application from today.

The process was divided into three phases, where theoretical seminars were held with arbitrators where they were introduced to the technology, information was provided on how to use the equipment for all technical staff and that of arbitrators. The seminars were led by Alexander Papin, representative of EVS and Mike Van Der Roest, head of the VAR project at FIFA.

Also, trainings have been conducted on the field, with real matches and in the stadium where the VAR System is attached to the television broadcast, in which the referees act as in real matches, where in case of doubtful decisions they communicate with the VAR and request its intervention. The video assistant aims to minimize the human errors of the referees and the implementation of this system will significantly affect to have the fairest decisions on the playing field.