Reja tells why he left Manaj and Balliu out of the list: We will go to England to get the maximum

Reja tells why he left Manaj and Balliu out of the list: We will go to England

National coach Edy Reja has shown the reasons why he left Rey Manaj and Ivan Balliu out of the list for the next two qualifying challenges against England and Andorra valid for the qualifiers of the "Qatar 2022" World Cup. He told a news conference:

"We will go to England to get the maximum and result, because we have this goal to make the best possible matches. The loss at home to Poland compromised the part to go to the play-offs, but the math allows us, despite the fact that we play against England we will go to play and perform as well as possible.

Regarding the two absences as Manaj and Balliu, I talked to Manaj and we thought that he should take a break because he was not in very good physical shape and there were not many opportunities for minutes at the club.

Balliu has a health problem, I talked to him and he will undergo tests again, we have jointly decided not to be in the collection. I really wanted to have it, but I need to push it one more time.

I wanted to try it, but his condition was poor at the moment. We have had other shortcomings like Gjimshiti, but we will try to give the best possible with these players we have.

We will be maximally committed in the remaining two matches, either against England or Andorra to hope until the end. We hope that Hungary will give us a hand by stopping Poland. I will ask the players to give the maximum, as we want points.

After these two matches are over we will do our analysis to see what we have done well or badly. The only disappointment I had was the losses with Poland, as we did not deserve the loss, in the most important match that was and the most important in history, we had a lot of problems, with the injuries with Covid, I was very sorry and I am irritated that I did not have "players on the bench to make substitutions", said Reja