Klodiana Shala reveals the secrets: How to run long and without getting tired

Klodiana Shala reveals the secrets: How to run long and without getting tired

Two days separate us from the Tirana Marathon and athletics record holder Klodiana Shala has shared some secrets for all Sunday runners in Tirana. Invited to the afternoon show on "TV Klan" with Rudina Magjistari, the Albanian athlete with 4 international medals has given some valuable advice for those who are not professionals.

"Not everyone is a professional, that is why it is called the Tirana Marathon and not a professional marathon. The first is to do a little warm-up at the beginning to get the muscles working. It is very important to do the stretching part, the left arm, the right arm, the muscle part, we pull the leg from the back and we pull the leg muscles forward, so we do an ankle warm-up. In order not to contract from the beginning it is absolutely important that we do a little longer streching. We come 40 minutes before we participate at 10:00 which is the start, "said Shala.

On the other hand she added that for a good finish you need a slow start.

"A not strong start because we can not all start strong because we will make mistakes. We will have a normal start, just do not hurt each other and do not push with your elbows because there are accidents. This is a beautiful marathon to set an example and not to be killed. A walk faster than running, that is, a sport walk until we finish it. We breathe as much as possible, because oxygen is very important, so that lactate does not go to our brain to completely block the muscles, we inhale as much as possible through the nose and take it out by mouth. "When we feel tired and a little bit of cramps, that maybe there are also those who have cramps, a stretching along the way, rest, deep breathing so that oxygen and blood can circulate as well as possible," said the famous athlete.