Boxing champion Kristian Prenga receives Medal of Appreciation

Boxing champion Kristian Prenga receives Medal of Appreciation

Albanian boxer Kristian Prenga, who was declared world champion, winning the NAB-North American Belt title, after defeating the American boxer, Samuel Crossed, has received the Medal of Merit in Tirana.

Mayor Veliaj gave the boxer the City Appreciation Medal.

"It is an extraordinary pleasure today that a friend, brother, friend, Kristian Prenga returns to Tirana as a world champion! I am very grateful for the work you have done. Sometimes, we invest so much in promoting the city, the country, in the embassies, in diplomacy, in marketing, but we often forget that the best marketing is the human stories of chicks and oysters who grew up with difficulty, in big families, in the suburbs of our country, but they have succeeded, first in the country, then in Europe, now in Canada, and finally in America. You started from Oroshi and today you are world champion. I am really very proud of you! You are an inspiration for boys and girls throughout Albania, but also outside Albania. I really hope that you will continue to be first a good player, then a good sportsman," said Veliaj.

Prenga said that he has planned the next match in Albania in the fall.

"The next match will be in New York, I believe from July and I have planned a match in Albania. I don't have an exact date, but very soon I will let you know and I hope to make you all proud", he said.