Italian journalist for Europe Conference Ligue: Price increases happen everywhere, not only in Tirana. Calling the police

Italian journalist for Europe Conference Ligue: Price increases happen

ANSA journalist, Alessandro Castellani, spoke about the increase in prices in Tirana, both for plane tickets and hotels, for the final of the Europe Conference Ligue. Castellani says that this is something that happens all over the world in such matches, not only in Albania, as he takes the example of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

While expressing concern about what could happen from the mass arrival of ticketless fans, the journalist calls on the police to be ready for unpleasant events as well.

"I am a little worried about what could happen in Tirana because many people from Rome and Rotterdam will go there without a ticket and although the Italian ambassador in Tirana said that two fan zones will be set up, it is never known. I believe and hope that the Tirana police will be ready for such a thing.

I can take an example. The airlines that usually wait for the Rome-Tirana ticket with 100 euros, this time I know that the company where I work, has paid 800 euros.

Hotels have also increased prices a lot but this always happens in such cases when there are final matches. I in 2010 at the World Cup paid for a hotel in South Africa 4 times what was usually paid for that country. I want to say that this does not happen only in Albania ".