Cikalleshi bids farewell to the National Team after being left out of the European Championship

Cikalleshi bids farewell to the National Team after being left out of the

Sokol Çikalleshi has made the decision to withdraw from the Albanian national team, a day after Sylvinho made the decision to leave him out of the European Championship, which starts on June 14.

Through a post on Instagram, the 34-year-old striker thanks everyone for the years he has represented the National Team and wishes them success in Euro 2024.

"The end of a journey. The journeys are beautiful, with their ups and downs. During the journeys, if you did things right, the end is happy, but we don't always choose it ourselves. It has been an indescribable pride and emotion to represent the jersey of the national football team. Carrying the emotions of a nation on my back is both a privilege and a responsibility, which has made me humble and grateful to everyone who believed, to everyone who gave me the courage to continue, and of course especially to everyone who cheered for me.

Just like every beginning has an end, my journey with the national football team came to an end! I feel happy for what I did during this journey, where I gave without the slightest saving the last drop of sweat and spirit to do the best possible

I thank God for everything he has given me in life, my family for the support, the Red and Black fans who deserve much more than we have given on the blue field. I pray to God that the friends who will continue their journey to Euro 2024 succeed and make a dignified appearance", writes Cikalleshi.