Shkodra Municipality for the auction of the sale of Vllaznia: It is going towards the winner

Shkodra Municipality for the auction of the sale of Vllaznia: It is going

The Municipality of Shkodra has announced that although some companies have complained about the process of selling the Vllaznia football club, the Public Procurement Commission has assessed the auction process as regular.

This decision of the CPC paves the way for the completion of the process of privatization of shares of the first club in the history of Albanian football.

The municipality has announced that it is in the final steps of the privatization process. It is currently believed that the company "Fujifilm" is favored to be the new owner of the team.

Full notification of the Municipality of Shkodra:

The Public Procurement Commission - PPC has officially brought to the Municipality of Shkodra the final answer for the auction process of KF Vllaznia sh.a.

PPC has left in force the decision of the Sales Authority - Municipality of Shkodra, certifying all stages of the procedure followed for the auction of KF Vllaznia sh.a.

From the first day of the announcement, it has been a legal process, transparent and in communication with the public. The laws and other legal acts that regulate the auction procedures in Albania have been strictly respected.

Already, after the decision of KPP, the auction of KF Vllaznia sh.a. is nearing completion, marking the first privatization in Albania for a football club.

We are proud that our Brotherhood is again the first in this procedure.

We thank all the participants who have shown interest in a big name such as our Vllaznia.

The red and blue club is preparing to start a new phase of activity, being administered just like all other successful clubs in the country and the world. As we have confirmed before, as an identifying emblem of Shkodra, Shkodra and thousands of fans, the Municipality of Shkodra will continue to contribute to the football Vllaznia as well as to all sports.

Finally, a thank you to the wonderful red and blue fans of all time, wherever they are. Their support even during the auction process, is a lasting added value for Vllaznia and its successes.