Video/ Majlinda Bregu sings in Berat

Video/ Majlinda Bregu sings in Berat

It's been 2 years now that RCC (Regional Cooperation Council) employees from all over the region hold a retreat just before the start of the new autumn season.
This year, RCC General Secretary Majlinda Bregu took the staff, mostly foreigners, to Durrës and Berat. The visit to the 2,500-year-old city also included a walk in the castle, from where Majlinda Bregu got the song.

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"I took the castle" is one of the traditional, civic songs of Berat and dedicated to the castle. The song was joined by the staff, mainly the Albanian part, although when it comes to music the whole region is similar. We are not so different.

The RCC employees enjoyed the traditional cuisine of the city as well as the white and red wine of Berat, which stands out for its many wineries.