The three dangers of Albanian society and how to avoid them

The three dangers of Albanian society and how to avoid them

Arjan Gjonça, lecturer at LSE (London School of Economics), is a story not to be missed. Ditmir Bushati brings a conversation of interest to Albanians in this week's episode of "Public Square".

There are three dangers for our Albania today:

- Shrinkage of population due to mass immigration, decrease in birth rate.

- The risks of the pension scheme and current health and social care policies.

- Who will take care of these elderly people, since life expectancy has thankfully increased?

"Albanian society is traditional where the care of elderly parents is left to the children. First, we don't have children to take care of our parents, because they have fled to emigration. Second, we don't have institutions like the western world. This worries me. We will have an age group that will not be separated from this life with the dignity it deserves, for the contribution they have made for this country", says Gjonça.

Bushati further mentions the case of medical students by analogy, stating: "So we cannot only deal with the consequence and that thing which is apparently an emergency, but we have to deal with the roots of the phenomenon. Regarding the issue of Medical students, for example, I was concerned by the fact that third or fourth year students are affected by the law. They at least deserve to have some kind of predictability of the rules of the game and of the contract, and secondly, if you will see our health system, a reform is not reflected in our entire pyramid. So the heads of the clinic, the heads of the wards. So it is also a matter of perspective, in addition to a matter of the financial package".

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