Three ways to relieve stress in minutes

Three ways to relieve stress in minutes

If you let stress go on for too long, it can have effects that lead to memory loss, experts say. They suggest some exercises that everyone can do with themselves, to get away from situations that plunge us into darkness.

Duration 2 minutes

Lying down or sitting in an armchair, begin to breathe slowly, through the nose, regularly and deeply. Focus on your chest, compressing it as much as you can and then releasing as much air as you have inhaled. The diaphragm should be used and you should feel your abdomen stretch and rise as you breathe.

Duration 5 minutes

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a peaceful environment: you are alone on a deserted beach or in a flowery meadow. Breathe slowly and try to put aside all thoughts to stay only with the sensations that come from the environment in which you are immersed: a light breeze, the sound of waves, the echo of the voice of seagulls, the chirping of birds, or the smell of flowers. Hold these sensations for a long time, while you focus on breathing, the muscles will relax.

Duration 10 minutes

Lying down or sitting in an armchair, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Now focus on your forehead and imagine releasing muscle tension. Focus on the facial muscles, releasing their tension. Continuing with slow and regular breathing, try to release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Then release the muscles of the abdomen, back, lower abdomen, thighs and legs, until you reach the toes.

These are just a few exercises, but there are many relaxation methods and techniques: yoga, for example, makes you responsible for your body and pushes you to control your body and mind through exercises of increasing complexity. Some of them are easy to perform and can be understood and performed even without the help of an expert.