How debates were ignited by Erion Braçe's proposal for holidays on the days of the menstrual cycle

How debates were ignited by Erion Braçe's proposal for holidays on

In recent days, Erion Braçe's proposal has been the focus of discussions on television, commissions and probably in daily conversations.

What did Brace propose?

1. Paid leave for women in the first days of the cycle
2. Hygienic-sanitary package for the days of the cycle to be exempt from value added tax.

How did Brace argue?

"Is it possible for women and girls to recognize the cycle period as a sick and paid period? Report paid from the state budget, as they are considering the disease up and down and it is good that such an initiative that does not cost much, which should be calculated, is included in the initiatives of the Ministry of Health". (Brace's reactions can also be found in the video at the end)

While this is a proposal that serves girls and women to feel less awkward on difficult days, it does not seem to have been welcomed by anyone.

In addition to the discussions in the Commission, some journalists and doctors have also come out against the proposal.

What did the gynecologists say?

Enriketa Kroi said: "The menstrual cycle is not a disease. In some women, especially young girls who have not given birth, it is often painful. But even from this group, the dominant part of them is treated with sedatives and medications. Currently this pain is only on the first day of the cycle. Cases when the cycle brings dizziness, fainting or severe abdominal and back pain and tension fluctuations are very rare. Second, the menstrual cycle is not always regular. With the philosophy of the disease, women who have chronic headaches such as migraines, etc., which often comes 2-3 days before the menstrual cycle, would also have to take leave. There are many other things to fix the system in general".

Mimoza Keta said : "This is a normal life situation. It is the reproductive period of a woman's life. A small part of women and girls feel and go through this period with pain in the bottom of the abdomen, sometimes with hypothermia, fainting, sometimes with vomiting, but usually today in all markets of the world and in the Albanian pharmaceutical market there is medications that ease this situation and make the menstrual period last longer than normal. So this is not considered a disease but a normal thing".

How much do girls and women suffer in the first days of bleeding?

1 in 10 women experience severe pain during the menstrual cycle (bleeding period) and it is not normal. These pains can be related to a reproductive health disease called Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a gynecological pathology, where the endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus, which is replaced every month with the menstrual cycle) begins to grow outside the uterus. The cause of this disorder is still not clear, although many different theories have been developed about it, also related to the fact that there are many mechanisms involved in this pathology.

Most often, endometriosis usually grows in the ovaries, but it can also affect other areas such as the bowel or pelvic tissue (lower abdomen).

Brace answered the doctors

"I am listening more attention and respect to the opinion of doctors, almost all the ladies who have spoken about my proposals for girls and women. I never said that the menstrual cycle in women and girls is deadly, I did. What has been my concern has to do with the health and social condition of women and girls during this period," says Braçe.

"I have a question for all the doctors who have spoken these days. Can a girl of 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25 years old or more, on the acute day of the cycle, sit for 8, 9, 10 hours in a fashion store, on a sewing machine for textiles, shoes, bags, etc.? How do you say stay? But a little girl, 16 or 17 years old, can sit for 5 or 6 hours at the school desk, take notes, and answer for the learning process. Is it possible for another woman to sit for 6, 7, 8 hours at the counter of a bank to serve at that exact moment", says Braçe.

"Paid leave for women" - Albania would not be the only country with such a law

Since February of this year, Spanish women receive paid leave on the days of their cycle.

Other countries that have this law are:

Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Zambia and Scotland.

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