Albania record even in autumn. 9 million foreign visitors by October

Albania record even in autumn. 9 million foreign visitors by October

Inflows of foreign tourists in Albania continue to be on an upward trend even during the fall. During the month of October, 691 thousand foreign tourists entered our country, or 89% more compared to October last year.

In total, from January to October, 8.98 million foreign tourists visited Albania, exceeding by 32% the figures of 2022, which is also the record year of foreign visitor arrivals, as announced by the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Godfather.

In the activity held for the balance of the tourist season at the beginning of last month, Minister Kumbaro confirmed reservations of up to 70-80% of hotel capacities. From this meeting, Minister Kumbaro said that this deserves to be called a tourist year, because apart from the coast, Tirana has turned into a real tourist destination, "a kind of modern architectural laboratory, but also full of youthful, sports and cultural energy" without leave behind mountain tourism, agrotourism and historical cities.

In the latest publication of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of the world tourism barometer, Albania ranks third in the world and first in Europe for the increase in foreign visitor flows (+56%) for the months of January-July 2023. .

Even the travel giant "National Geographic" has ranked Albania among the 30 countries in the world that must be visited in 2024.