Children's health is threatened, parents are vaccinating them less and less

Children's health is threatened, parents are vaccinating them less and less

Today's children are at risk of a range of diseases, in some cases fatal, because vaccination has deteriorated significantly since the pandemic. The final data from INSTAT show that throughout 2022 the vaccination indicators further deteriorated.

In 2022, 98.7 percent of children were vaccinated for tuberculosis from 99.7%, which was this indicator in 2015. There was also a deterioration in 2021, where the vaccination of children for tuberculosis was 98.8%.

Diphtheria vaccination also fell, which was injected in 95% of children in 2022 from 95.8% in 2021, while before the pandemic this vaccine was applied to 99.8% of children.

The tetanus vaccine was applied to 95% of children in 2022 from 95.8% in 2021 and from 99.8% that was before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Measles-Rubella was applied only to 89.3% of children from more than 95% before the pandemic.

Also, the Poliomyelitis vaccine was administered only to 98% of children from 99.1% in 2013.

The United Nations Children's Program (UNICEF) reports that every year vaccination saves 2 to 3 million children from deadly diseases.

Vaccines protect and help children grow up healthy. They provide protection against diseases that can lead to serious consequences, including disability and even death, especially in cases where the immune system is still developing, as in the case of infants.

In 1995, a large number of people who had not been vaccinated against polio in childhood were affected in our country, where many of them lost their lives or were left with disabilities.

Failure to vaccinate at the right time in the event of the emergence of highly contagious diseases, the unvaccinated child and all others are exposed to risk. Unvaccinated children are at high risk of contracting dangerous diseases, such as measles, which can cause pneumonia and even death, or polio, which can lead to irreversible paralysis and even death.

In Albania, vaccination is not compulsory, but there are several mechanisms that force parents. The government has made some services conditional on vaccinations. PSH children cannot be enrolled in first grade if they have not had the vaccine.

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