The call center sector, with eyes on Africa for finding employees

The call center sector, with eyes on Africa for finding employees

The number of employees in the call center sector also decreased during 2023. According to the data of the General Directorate of Taxes (DPT), in the period January-October 2023, there were 9,894 employees in the call center sector.

The number of employees in 2022 was 11,452. Compared to the annual number of employees in 2022, their number has decreased by 13%. In 2015, this sector had 25,000 employees. Compared to 2015, the number of employees has decreased by 60%.

Even this year, companies in the sector will continue to have difficulty finding employees. The operators list as the main reason for the deepening of the gap from year to year the departure of young people to emigration.

While the expansion of contracts with international operators, including Apple, Booking or DAZN (international platform for sports matches) has meant that this sector is not entirely dependent on Italian speakers.

To solve this problem, companies are considering the possibility of hiring young people from African countries and the Philippines who have knowledge of English and French.

Lorenc Goga, from "", told "Monitor" that the possibility of hiring employees from the Philippines, or North African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco and West Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

"If the generation of the 80s and 90s learned the Italian language in a self-taught way, this is no longer happening massively with today's youth. The main problem is not the lack of knowledge of foreign languages, since the vast majority of today's young people know English.

This is an advantage for the sector that has expanded contracts and services with many international companies.

The main problem remains the inability to find employees, due to emigration. Currently, call center companies cannot respond with employees to the development of this market.

In many cases, we are forced to transfer service campaigns that could be carried out locally to Italy for implementation, as we cannot find employees. An alternative remains to study the option of hiring foreign employees", he said.

Although so far no contract has been finalized for the recruitment of call center employees from the Philippines and African countries, Mr. Goga emphasizes that before the implementation of this measure, it is quite necessary to be supported by the Albanian institutions with the drafting of a legislation, for the formalization of relations with foreign employees and for their qualification, in order to exclude possible risks for its malfunction .

Regarding the other alternative for solving the employment problem, using Artificial Intelligence, Lorenc Goga, claims that all companies have advanced with investments in automation, helping them reduce costs, but the role of man in this sector remains irreplaceable. .

Even other companies in the call center sector have raised the concern earlier that the recruitment problem started in 2017 and has turned into a real concern in recent years.

Smaller call center companies have more reduction of employees. The big ones, after the drop in the number of employees in the pandemic, have started the recovery with recruitments.

The number of call center companies, according to DPT data in the 10th month of 2023, was 466 out of 523 operators who performed call center activity in 2022. The decrease in the number of operators is about 11%.

The administrator of the "Albacontact" company, Ervin Gogo, claimed earlier for "Monitor" that in the short term, the problem seems unsolvable for the sector, risking the contraction to the closure of small companies.

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