Modern romance! Falling in love with Artificial Intelligence

Modern romance! Falling in love with Artificial Intelligence

Alexandra is a very attentive girlfriend. 'Shall we watch the game today?', she writes in a message to her boyfriend. When he tells her he's too tired to meet her, she replies: 'Have fun, my hero!' Practically the ideal girlfriend.

However Alexandra is not real. She is a custom AI girlfriend on Romance.AI dating site.

As artificial intelligence is penetrating every corner of the world and our lives, it has also entered the world of romance.

About half of all adults under 30 have used a dating site or app, according to Peë Research 2023 results – but nearly half of users report their experience as negative. Empty conversations, fights, endless dissatisfactions and finally disappointments. The solution is claimed to be found in AI. Through technology, the virtual girlfriend is created, personalized and uncomplicated. This aims to make people feel less alone.

Another possibility is to offer help from AI to suggest the right answers during a conversation.

So she writes Do we go out today? And you won't get out. But how to tell her in such a way that she doesn't get upset? Artificial Intelligence helps you. It returns the answer for you.

This aims to help people who have difficulty making social connections and not just romantic ones.