Students will no longer make up empty hours when teachers are absent

Students will no longer make up empty hours when teachers are absent

There will be some new changes in the education system. Their presentation was made by the Minister of Education at the meeting of the Commission for Education and Public Information.

The most interesting is the establishment of a structure in each ZVA (Local Education Office) for the creation of a network of substitute teachers. If a teacher is absent somewhere in a school, another will go as a daily substitute. In this way, empty hours are avoided in the pre-university system, but it is also possible to complete the hours.

Points to be changed:

• The right to enroll in first grade for children who reach the age of 6 by December 31 of that year, at the request of their parents;
• Giving special status to schools of oriented education, as well as education and promotion of talents in basic education, not only in oriented schools, but also in normal schools through oriented classes;
• Setting up a structure in each ZVA for available teachers, who will come to the aid of schools for their needs when there is a shortage of teachers;
• Clear definition of responsibilities for monitoring, evaluation and inspection of educational institutions;
• Legal regulation of private supplementary institutions that provide services to students after school hours.