Lira Gjika has a piece of advice for educators and nannies: Don't use this expression with children!

Lira Gjika has a piece of advice for educators and nannies: Don't use this

Lira Gjika, who often shares advice and opinions on social networks about the well-being of children, has a valuable advice for educators and people who take care of children in the absence of parents.

Through a post on Facebook, she says that no matter how much they love the child they care for, they can never replace the mother, so expressions like, "I have her as my child", are too much for her, moreover , says Lira, damage the psycho-emotional state of the child.

Pediatrician Lira Gjika's post:

"Don't worry, I have him as my son." It is said by the nanny or the educator to the child's mother, to calm her down and ensure that she is taking good care of the child that has been given to her. The nanny or the educator can really hold the child well, but the expression they use does not calm the child, but rather increases the insecurity that the child feels when separated from the mother. No matter how small the child is, when he is separated from his mother, the level of anxiety increases. He doesn't understand why his mother takes him to daycare or nursery school. So in a foreign country for the child. Why should a man who doesn't know him keep it? These questions in the child provoke a state of alarm. And when such careless expressions are added that may calm the mother, but only frighten the child. When the child hears this expression, that "I love him as my child", he thinks that his mother does not love him and will leave him with this other woman. Be careful, parents, adults, solve the words not only to calm yourself, but also not to increase the child's anxiety level. Anxiety is no joke. Lira Gjika