International Education Day: Vodafone Albania Foundation contribution to digital education through STEM

International Education Day: Vodafone Albania Foundation contribution to digital

January 24 marks "International Education Day", an opportunity to express gratitude for teachers and their contribution to society. Teachers prepare entire generations as professionals of the future, and one of the professions for which the future needs the most is education in digitalization, in a society that is creating more and more dependence on technology.

International Education Day: Vodafone Albania Foundation contribution to digital

Skills Upload Junior is an initiative of Vodafone Group in 14 European countries, which aims to increase the digital capacities of children aged 12-14 years. The initiative is implemented in collaboration with communities, government and non-profit organizations. Vodafone has invested over 40 million euros in this ambitious project, where Albania is also a beneficiary with the Generation Next program. This program, which will start its third and final phase soon, has a duration of 3 years and is the first project implemented in Albanian public schools with an approved curriculum, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

100 schools across the country are part of the new digital generation program in Albania STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In June 2022, when the Generation Next application was launched, 20 schools participated. During this phase, 40 teachers were trained and more than 50 projects were presented, of which 4 were selected as the best projects. The second phase, where 60 schools participated, took place in July 2023. Of the 10 finalist projects presented by students in Vodafone Albania's premises, three of them were awarded prizes.

As the third and final phase of this project is expected to start this year, the teachers who have benefited from the training up to this phase are enthusiastic and grateful for the unique experience, both for themselves and for the students. "Through the projects we realized, we realized that it is technology that provides solutions to many problems in life", says Valentina Ismaili, teacher of the "Sule Harri" school in Elbasan, mentor of the first and second place winning groups during the first phase of Generation Next.

International Education Day: Vodafone Albania Foundation contribution to digital

Meanwhile, the continuity of the project has been equally impressive. Blerta Muço, teacher of the subject "Mathematics - ICT" at the "Kongresi i Lushnje" School, participant in the second phase of Generation next, says: "It was a beautiful project, which attracted many students. Their desire, interest and dedication was much higher than for other subjects. The organization of the project was one of the best in my 30 years of work. I thank the Vodafone Foundation for making this project possible for us in a different way and for giving the children the opportunity to highlight their talents".

Digital literacy is one of Vodafone's most ambitious goals, and teachers remain key allies in achieving this goal.