The dialogue between the two mothers in a bar in Tirana that Lira Gjika overheard

The dialogue between the two mothers in a bar in Tirana that Lira Gjika

Pediatrician Lira Gjika often brings to attention various problems, adapting them to concrete situations, as in this case. It shows the conversation between two mothers about the children, the Albanian language and the English they impose on them.

"Dialogue of two mothers

-My child only speaks English. I know how well you speak, as a little Englishman. How happy I am. Do you speak Albanian? Not me, what does Albanian need if my son will stay in Albania. My son will go abroad. Mother spoke with determination and pride. How do you speak to them? me? Yes, I speak English. I also joined the course to learn English. This dialogue developed in a bar in Tirana is not the only one. This way of thinking and behaving of the mother and not only of the mother, but also of the father, is a common thing today. Parents, encouraging your children to learn foreign languages ​​is a very good thing, especially for the child's brain, but denying them the language of their country, of origin, from the language that not only parents but also grandparents speak, is harmful. for the child himself for his brain and mind. This way makes the child a stranger to himself and creates a problem in his character. It is no coincidence that in America, England and other countries, schools were opened for the language of origin of immigrants as it minimizes problems of mental health and the ability to study or learn of children, who are daughters of immigrants. Despising the native language is a personality problem of the parents who raise their children in this way, and parents who have a personality problem negatively influence or pass on their problems to the child. Man has no other option to become, except through language and words. Denying the mother tongue and teaching a foreign language instead is like putting the child's mind outside of himself. Parents, even though you take your children away from the country and don't teach them the Albanian language, they still remain your sons. Fluency in the native language makes it easier for the child to learn a foreign language, so don't make it difficult for him to learn, even if you think he speaks fluently. Language is not some words spoken well or fluently", writes Lira Gjika.