46% of divorced couples say that this was the reason no. 1 of the conflict and it has nothing to do with money

46% of divorced couples say that this was the reason no. 1 of the conflict and

Almost 690,000 couples divorced in 2021 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's about half the number of couples who reported getting married.

Most couples file for what's called a no-fault divorce, which means you can end your marriage without blaming the other party. But according to a Forbes survey, there are a number of factors that lead married couples to divorce.

The biggest conflicts faced by divorced couples are:

1. Career choices

2. Parental differences

3. Division of household work

4. Relations with the family

5. Relationships with friends

6. Finances

7. Health choices

Almost half, 46%, of respondents said career choices were the biggest source of conflict in their marriage.

Parents' differences are ranked second, with 43%.

The couples also said that the division of household chores caused disputes. Science proves this. According to a 2022 study, women reported having less sex drive if they did more of the housework.

Only 5% of divorcees say there was no way their marriage could be saved, the survey says.

63% of them said that better understanding and commitment before marriage could have helped them avoid divorce. And more than half said that if they had known their spouse's values ​​better before they got married, they might still be together.