#Albania/ This is a post for those who want to fly

By Alberta Zani for #Albania/ 3 years ago when I decided to return for vacation in the south of the country, I left Tirana with great annoyance. In fact, I had finished a pair of "alla turka" holidays in one of the resorts of Antalya, which for the sake of truth, even though they do not have the beauty of our sea, have nothing to share, as entertainment is their point and strong in my opinion. As I said, I returned to the south at the end of August, not with great pleasure, but so that my daughter, then 2 years old and a little older, would not stay away from her father, who together with a team of talented boys decided to enliven the south of Albania by offering parachute flights. The activity that the pilots of the Albanian aeronautics offered for 20 years, but in 2018 it became more organized and this activity would last throughout the summer, enriching the tourist offer of Albania and extending the tourist season, not to be limited only to 40 days July 20-August 30.

#Albania/ This is a post for those who want to fly

The flights are operated by licensed pilots, who better than anyone, know how to show tourists the other south during the summer, which is not limited to the hotel-cafe-sunflower route, but shows the sea and the mountain at the same time and another dimension. You can enjoy the aroma of Llogara and the Ionian salt at the same time, and you can't tell if the greatest pleasure comes from flying or the beauty that appears in the air when you fly just like a bird. Yes, just like a bird, that what we have envied birds until yesterday, can now be experienced by each of us.

Those 10 days in Drimade and Palase, which is already the largest sports center, without modesty we can say in the Balkans, went beyond all my predictions for monotonous holidays in Albania. The adrenaline of the tourists who tried for the first time the first flight, the impatience of those who came for the first time to get the adrenaline in flight, the great desire of Artion (my husband) and John to offer vacationers in Albania a fun otherwise it surprised me.

Since then, 3 years have passed and Sky Sports Albania has grown a lot and already has its center on the beautiful beach of Palas where it offers many other sports besides Paraglide. But we have not forgotten Drimades and Dhermi who were the first to welcome us, so the double flights are already offered in 3 points. The new point on Dhermi beach opens on Drimada beach, Palases and this year.

This was the moment when I thought that working on a national TV like Top Channel was the most beautiful thing in the world, so I decided to leave and join the team that produces adrenaline. During these months of isolation, after the fatigue of the figures, how many people were infected, how the curves moved, and how many cases were hospitalized or cured per day, we thought that the flight would not
enough to make vacationers forget the missing spring.

So this year at Sky Sports Center in Palase will be offered many other fun sports that have adrenaline and fun in their center. We do not separate the soul from the flight to the days when the wind in Llogara will make us capricious, we will fly rising from the beach. For the first time in Albania, vacationers will have the opportunity to try parawinch flying, starting from the beach and flying freely over the sea, with
believe it is unique experience.

Because for years we have seen how the seas in Greece, Turkey, Italy are full of water games in Albania for all those who are afraid to fly, but at the same time do not want to stay 8 hours in the sun, they will have opportunity to
try: Fly Fish, banana laps, Water skiing, Kayak, Kanoe, Windsurfing, Water Motor, Underwater Diving and Ringo.

The opportunity to try it is from 5-95 years old . We invite all Albanians, in this difficult year for all of us, after the earthquakes with shocks and setbacks and the academy that took our spring, to rest ALBANIA. It doesn't matter if it's mountain or sea. We actually offer both, the freshness and greenery of Llogara, the beauty of the Ionian Sea to breathe with the dizzying panorama when you see it in flight. If you feel hot, after the flight, jump into the sea and choose one of the water sports for more fun and adrenaline.

Lunch is served as a no-brainer at the Sky sport center restaurant, where fish and seafood cooked with mastery and freshness are our strong point.

You can spend the afternoons playing volleyball or taekwondo and in the evening a cocktail by the fire and by the sea talking to family and friends about the busy day. You will have a lot to show each other and lots of photos to share with friends on social media.

We look forward to seeing you all at Palase.