A sweet and salty suggestion by Rudina Xhunga for #Albania

A sweet and salty suggestion by Rudina Xhunga for #Albania

If there is one person who knows our Albania hand in hand, it is Rudina Xhunga, some of the love for her and some of the promotion of the country over the years.

So there was no way it could have happened otherwise. For the summer blog in Tiranapost, #Albania, Rudina sent two suggestions: a sweet and a salty.

We’re starting with the salty, Prëmto pies. 300 years of pie, 300 years of pie, in the middle of the Bazaar, with cheese or spinach.

Here you have it with videos from the museum city.

As for the dessert and not only, Rudina suggests Hotel Kodra. There you can eat Oshaf.

Have you ever heard of Oshafi? It is a dessert with sheep's and fig milk that the eye can eat, in addition to the mouth.

Where is Hotel Kodra located?

In the January 11 Neighborhood, on Craft Street.

So do not leave Gjirokastra without stopping in these two places: at the Kodra Hotel for Oshafi and at the Bazaar for the pie with taste and history.