Libohova and two reasons why go there!

Libohova and two reasons why go there!

If you go to Gjirokastra, a place you should not miss without visiting is Libohova, which is located only 15 minutes away from the stone city. And if you wonder what you can do there, we show you the agenda. You have to look at the two symbols of the town, the big plane tree, the natural monument, and the Castle of Shanisha, Ali Pasha's sister, but the two real reasons you have to go are to enjoy the best cabbage and chickpeas in the whole region. Sedat.

Post by former Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro:


With awareness and love I have not stopped talking about that area where I not only work, that I not only love people with my heart but also where I have my roots.

Do not pretend that you do not mean that I am talking about the Gjirokastra Region and its 7 municipalities.

It is all hidden and small and big treasures that place.

Gjirokastra, Gjirokastra ..., do you know that only 15 minutes from the stone city is #Libohova - my roots where my father was born, are not only deep, but also tangible today, just like maple large - natural monument - that shades the square and that together with Shanisha Castle - Ali Pasha's sister - are the symbols of the small town at the foot of Mount Bureto filled with aromas of tea, oregano, sage and chamomile ..

I am very proud that I also worked for the program of the Urban Renaissance of Libohova, preserving its identity but also creating a social space worthy of the light of the people of Libohova on the evening promenade.

Tani, ç’i duam fjalet...! Eja ne Libohove fundjaven tjeter dhe shijo lakrorin dhe qifqite me te mira ne te gjithe qarkun #TeSedati aq sa s’ka gjirokastrit te me kundershtoje

Te ftoj permes fotove te nje libohoviti me nam, i vetmi qe di te fluturoje: @alketislamiofficial