The reason why Ambra and Morgan fought live is revealed

The reason why Ambra and Morgan fought live is revealed

The live fight between Ambra Angiolini and Morgan was made because of Fedez. The video went live from the audience who recorded it with their phone.

From the movements of the lips, only the curse that Morgan made to Ambra at the end can be distinguished.

The reason for the argument was revealed only a few hours later.

The reason was a joke that was not actually taken as such that Morgan told Fedez.

"Thank you Fedez, but you can't be the psychologist for me. You are too desperate to be my psychologist."

During the evening, Morgan also accused the production of unequal treatment between the team and him and the other members of the jury.

All of this seems to have led to that silent, but figure-only debate we saw yesterday.

Later, Morgan was forced to apologize to Fedez through a video.

"The tension tonight was at high levels, things that are quite normal on TV. However, I don't want things to be perceived as something they are not. An exchange of words between me and Fedez probably offended him. After he was sarcastic towards me all evening, I responded in the same tone. At the end of the evening he gives me lectures and I ask him if he wants to act as a psychologist and then I tell him what I told him. I had no intention of harming any patient. I don't want to offend anyone. I know what depression is, I have a long history of both personal and family depression. My father died of depression in 1988. It wasn't called that then and maybe, if it had been, he'd still be here. I am the first to experience such a condition in anyone. So first of all I am respectful to anyone who suffers. Fedez, I really didn't mean to offend you. Depression worries us. I am the first to admit mine and try to fight it," he concluded.