'I went back'. Adriana Matoshi makes the first post after the operation

'I went back'. Adriana Matoshi makes the first post after the

After the intervention on the head performed by Dr. Mentor Petrela, Adriana Matoshi wrote a status on Facebook where she writes that she is fine. She feels happy that she kept her promise to her children, friends and fans and came back, but she also sends a series of messages to those who enjoy full health and take life for granted.

"I have always known that we are a united people, a people who reach out when needed, but I never believed how much all those calls, messages, comments and endless dedications that I read everywhere affect psychologically and spiritually.

The strength was not reflected only in me, but in all the people with whom I am spiritually connected. You have made them believe in your prayers too.

I always wanted the problems to be left to myself, not to bother any person, and I did not know how necessary love and support were in such difficult days.

The walk / march in the square of Prishtina was unexpected for me. Not because I doubted the love of my people, but in such low temperatures, I saw my friends, colleagues and citizens gather who gave me the greatest strength while I was completely submissive to them. analysis of controls before surgery.

Such marches should be organized and dedicated to all those children, women and men who are fighting and we do not know what they are going through. Believe me, you do not know the pain, the stress, or the burden of the cost of treatment for these diseases.

Do not wait for birthdays, Eid, New Year, Christmas and Easter to be loved. Enjoy life even on ordinary days. Find the motive and positivity every day that you enjoy health.

Stay close to those in need, motivate for life, remember the reasons why the world needs them, why they need them to fight hard. Show that life always tests the strongest soldiers.

Dr. Mentor Petrela is known worldwide as a doctor of miracles. I was lucky enough to be operated on by him, along with his fantastic staff, with the best nurses possible.

The new generations of doctors and nurses should not be left out of here. People do not have all the conditions to be treated abroad, and we need to invest in these new generations, because I believe that even for them the most valuable is their contribution in their own country.

Get rid of hatred.

Nourish the soul with love

Reflect positivity.

Start the day to love yourself because that's how your life has meaning.

Whoever sows hatred, do not wait to reap love.

Love the FAMILY but never leave the FRIENDSHIP aside, because society is one of the greatest riches that God blesses you, just like me.

The company in all difficult cases is there for you, as long as you want to hide the big problems from home, the company is there to advise you what to do, how to do it…

The power of God, your prayers, the dedication of doctors, brings me back to life.

I am never spiritually fulfilled, I am not a cone.

Thank you very much all of you for writing to me from the moment I published the news. Make me halal that I did not even get to read those thousands of messages that needles are not stopping. At the moment I am staying away from the phone as a doctor's recommendation for absolute rest and tranquility.

The promise I made to her, left.

I, RETURNED ", writes Adriana Matoshi.