I invite you to a duel, at the VIP Farm!

I invite you to a duel, at the VIP Farm!

There have been days since the newest production of Albanian television, Ferma Vip, which is expected to start soon on Vizion Plus, has greatly excited the curious. Everyone wants to know who the VIP characters will be? How big will the house be, and the farm... what animals will there be and what work will the competitors have to do on this Farm? Questions that follow each other among the audience who still do not know that in this reality show, apart from the work of the land and the farm, competitors will also have to go through strong duels in front of each other to survive and continue in that competition.

So the duel will be the strongest point of this format - a duel in knowledge, in strategy and a duel in physical challenges, almost like in "survival", which will give this format even more adrenaline.

At Ferma VIP, everything has to be earned with effort and fatigue, often even food and the basic goods of life. Well informed about this, it is learned that the VIPs do not leave the gym for a single day, during these days they are getting ready to be part of the Farm.

The duration of the show is expected to be about 90 days and every week one of the contestants will be eliminated where a duel, head to head between two or maybe even more contestants will play a major role.

Let's wait and see, this unknown side of VIPs, challenges that even they themselves never thought they would ever live.

Curiosity about this reality show, unlike any other, will be answered in a few days. The VIPs will be shown live, in 24 hours, on the two channels of the Tring platform.