Taylor Swift, the singer with the greatest popularity than Biden and Trump! How is this explained?

Taylor Swift, the singer with the greatest popularity than Biden and Trump! How

It's hard to go anywhere in LA right now without walking through rows of protesters. Outside Fox, Universal, Netflix and other studios, people have been out there since May, when the Writers Guild of America went on strike. Just over two weeks ago, they were joined by thousands of actors who have vowed not to appear in films or promote films during this suspension. Then, the next morning, I awoke to a new strike: to the drums and chants of striking workers outside a nearby hotel – and hotels across the city.

But when I went and saw them cheering, I was confused. Why were Taylor Swift photos rocking?

I didn't realize it until I opened the Los Angeles Times to find an open letter from hotel employees to Swift, begging her to postpone her upcoming LA concert series in support of them.

"Your concerts give our hotels a lot of money. In Los Angeles, hotels are doubling and tripling their prices because you come. They also add junk fees to rooms, just like Ticketmaster does. But we don't see any more income from them," they wrote.

They have a right to fight for a fair wage in a state with a high cost of living like California, as well as basic workplace dignity, but is Taylor Swift really the answer?

My 11-year-old daughter (her fan) was shocked by the question I asked, and she's probably right. I mean, Swift just saved the music industry. She single-handedly got thousands of young women registered to vote ahead of the 2018 election. She can do more if she has an interest in it.

Maybe we should drop all pretense that she's just an amazing artist and performer and actually elect her President. According to a recent poll, she is more popular with voters than Trump, Biden and DeSantis. Although Swift probably doesn't even need to be in office to secure a better wage for hotel workers, the cost of living crisis, the economy, the Israel-Palestine war or the threat of Artificial Intelligence.

With reports that her recent concerts at Seattle's Lumen Field caused enough of a stir to register as the equivalent of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake, I don't even want to think about what her fans would do if she took a break being a singer.