Roza Lati tells about her abortion and the feeling she had

Roza Lati tells about her abortion and the feeling she had

Roza Lati confessed in the house of Big Brother Albania that a few years ago she had an abortion because she was not yet ready to become a mother. She says that this decision was difficult and she took it without her partner's approval.

Excerpt from the story:

Erjola: Does Rita know?

Roza: No, he found out later, that if he had known that I was going to have a baby, he would have closed the door of the clinic. The moment I took the test and came out positive I was very surprised, I said it is expired. From home to the pharmacy, I did not feel the ground, my heart was beating at such a level that I did not feel the ground at all. I took all kinds of tests and tried them at home, they all came back positive. I heard the heartbeat and there I was broken. When I went home I made the decision. That's why I say I don't let myself suffer. I analyzed my future and said that this is not the moment. The moment I decided to end it there, I beat myself with my fists. I've had a very difficult year, that's why I'm here.

Erjola: Did he know?

Rose: Yes.

Erjola: Were you with him when you found out?

Roza: No, it was not in Albania.

Erjola: What did he tell you?

Roza: What carriage will we take?

Juli: Did he agree?

Roza: Yes, I didn't even ask.

Graciano: Wow!

Roza: I don't ask him about my creature and child.