Chiara Ferragni returns, but how?

Chiara Ferragni returns, but how?

After the scandal with the panettone, where the money promised for charity, from the sale, did not go where it should, Chiara Ferragni is back on Instagram. She thanks the people who have stayed close to her, even with a message and who have asked her how she is feeling. He also mentions those who have attacked him in the situation he is in.

Chiara Ferragni returns, but how?

Will she continue to be a blogger? Will it do business? what does Ferragni think about her future, where at the end of December a panettone scandal called her image into question. It caused a social and virtual bomb in Italy, opening the debate of the continuation or not of influencers. Many see Ferragni as a sign of cultural degradation caused by social media, some love and follow her.

On Instagram, Ferragni has lost only 200 thousand followers, from the 29.5 million followers he has.

Will it be a new Chiara or the continuation of the first one? Are there broken contracts? Will there be new ones, with Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior?

We don't know...

Certainly not with the panettone