The director of 'Squid Game' lost 6 teeth during filming

The director of 'Squid Game' lost 6 teeth during filming

You may have enjoyed the "Squid Game" series on Netflix amidst mystery, anxiety, enigma and astonishment. 456 people get together to play some simple kids games, but end up tragically. The Korean series, the first of its kind, has broken records on Netflix, but for the creator who has done the role of screenwriter, producer and director it has not been so simple.

The director of 'Squid Game' lost 6 teeth during filming
Hwang Dong-hyuk

As a start Hwang Dong-hyuk worked 10 years for the script. It was the worst 10 years of his life when he wandered unemployed in the neighborhood bar and just wrote.

After finding the funds with difficulty, the most difficult work began: filming.

The director of 'Squid Game' lost 6 teeth during filming

"The shooting was very intense. Stress appeared to me in a physical form. I lost 6 teeth during those days. I have not replaced them yet. "I need an implant, but I did not have time", says the director who is enjoying success.

"As an adult, I asked myself, 'What would it be like to go back to childhood games?' This is a story about losers, those who struggle with the challenges of daily life and are left behind as winners triumph. It is also a personal story. "The two main characters, Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-Woo, have the names of two of my childhood friends who are my inner clones," says the director.

"Like Gi-hun, I grew up as a single mother in a financially troubled environment in Ssangmun-dong. "Like Sang-Woo, I went to Seoul National University and my whole neighborhood was proud of me and had high expectations of me."

The director confesses that he is worried about the idea that he might have to make a second season of this film. Writing, production and direction to be done by a single person, are not few. People are looking for a second season, as even the first season remained open for continuation. In the comments someone writes: Do a second season, or you will be eliminated. And those who have seen the series, know what elimination means.