'I was running out of money and fame'. Will Smith's weird premonition before the Oscar swipe

'I was running out of money and fame'. Will Smith's weird

It's somewhat strange, but it seems that actor Will Smith had anticipated something bad. For David Letterman, before the swipe he gave Chris Rock at the Oscars, Smith talked about the strange vision he once had.

The interview was filmed before the event at the Oscars and is now published due to the new season of the series where Smith plays, however at the top it says: Shot before the Oscars event.

During his interview, Smith talked about being at the top of his career, thanks to a series of successful films, but showed that he still felt unhappy.

"I associated being the best with being able to have love in my life that would make me feel safe," Smith said.

Because of this feeling he indicated that he stopped working for two years.

During that time, he went to Peru and drank ayahuasca, a medicine that affects the mental state.

"One of the experiences I had was the psychological, the most devilish of my life," he said.

"I was drinking, I was sitting somewhere there and then, all of a sudden, it seemed like all my money was running out, my house was running out and my career was gone, too. And I was trying to grab my money and my career. "It seemed to me that my whole life was falling apart," Smith recalled of the vision.

He further states that then his daughter appeared to him shouting loudly "Help me dad, help me". "And there I stopped thinking about money, career or home," Smith said.

The actor adds that even today it seems as if he hears his daughter's voice banging on her head. It looks 100% real.

"This psychological journey made me realize that whatever happens in my life, I can handle," says Smith.

"This is part of the psychological training that takes place from the psychoadilic substance ayahuasca. "First of all, 99% of the thoughts you worry about never happen," he continued.

Smith seems to have foreseen the scandal that occurred at the Oscars. When presenter Rock made a comment on Smith's wife's hair, the latter slapped her.

On April 1, Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A week later, the Academy announced that Smith would be expelled from the Oscars for 10 years due to Rock hitting the event.