Omicron may postpone Grammy Awards

Omicron may postpone Grammy Awards

Omicron is likely to postpone the 64th edition of the Grammy Awards. The first date is set for January 31, but various sources for foreign media are saying that this date is not possible.

This would be the second year in a row that the Grammy is postponed due to COVID-19. Last year’s show was originally scheduled for January 31, 2021, but on January 5, 2021, it was postponed to March 14 due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles. At the time, the show also moved from the Staples Center to the Los Angeles Convention Center, which allowed less crowding.

Trevor Noah will be back as the 2022 Grammy Awards presenter.

The academy is known to prefer to hold the show in a arena at full capacity, as they receive substantial ticket revenue. They would lose this if they did a reduced show like last year.

If the award date is postponed, the gala evenings will be automatically postponed as well.

No decision has been made yet.

This year’s Grammy nominations were announced on November 23, 2021.