Kim Kardashian monologue with autoirony notes that won people's hearts

Kim Kardashian monologue with autoirony notes that won people's hearts

Kim Kardashian has made everyone talk about her after the show she gave on Saturday Night Live.

This was something he did for the first time and it turned out to be a success. Reason?


Although at first people's expectations were not high.

Newly divorced by Kanye apparently left no way back with her.

The climax was when he gave Pete Davidson a kiss on the lips. But not everything is as it sounds, because the duo were just interpreting a scene from Disney's Aladdin, where Kim was Princess Jasmine, while Pete portrayed Aladdin. Kim's move sparked a host of funny memes and tweets as fans and viewers shared them on social media.

Her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian had defended OJ Simpson during his infamous murder trial.

"Because of my father, the first person of color I met in my life was OJ. I know it's kind of weird to remember the first person of color you met, but OJ. leaves a mark - some or not at all, I still do not know.

She also referred to her sisters' cosmetic procedures in the monologue, saying: "I am much more than a photograph in which my sisters show their plastic surgeons."

Kardashian also recalled her sex video that was once shared.

"I know, I'm surprised you see me here. When I was asked to be the one to do this here today I said: Why do you love me? I have a lot of time without having a movie premiere? "I only had one film of mine that came out and in fact no one told me it was a premiere," said Kim.

"I would never tell anyone what they can or cannot do. Remember my name is Kim not a Karen. Honestly we all name K it is impressive that my mom did not choose Karen for me. "Then Caitlyn came to us," she said of her mother's ex-husband, now a woman.

"I married the best rapper of all time. Not only that, he is the richest man of color in America. A talented genius who gave me four extraordinary children. "So when I divorced him, you should know that it only came from one thing, from his personality."

Finally, she mentioned the rumors about her candidacy for president, Kanye's desire for president, Caitlyin's failed attempt to become governor of California, and said: "I'm just kidding! "We can not have three failed politicians in one family."