Between Paris and Tirana, Besa Kokëdhima narrates her life

Between Paris and Tirana, Besa Kokëdhima narrates her life

Besa Kokëdhima is back in an interview as she rarely agrees to appear. In the ZëmeMira Podcast, Besa talked about her life from childhood in a powerful family to today between Tirana and Paris.

What do you do there? What does he do? What do you live with? What's a Parisian day like when you're not a tourist?

That the days in Tirana are busy with her family, friends and three cats.

"I also work there with some live music, bands, that do somewhat more selective events. First, I would do it even if they didn't pay me, because one of the most wonderful things I love about music is interacting with other talents, real talents. Real artists, making music with them makes you feel alive. You perfect your art and constantly exchange energy, multiculturalism, art.

Another commitment I make, I make it remotely, from there, but it is related to here, in relation to Abissnet, with Abissnet's marketing. In the first hours of the day, I deal with what has been done, what has not been done, what needs to be prepared. Promotional package, this, that, etc. Then I will have to listen to the studio, that we have worked on different materials. We worked with a lot of material and chose very little. Then I can have rehearsals with the bands. Depending on which band and which event the repertoire should be made from the beginning.

Besa Kokëdhima: I really like one thing in Paris that I really want to walk in the city and I really want to visit different museums, galleries, or just get lost," said Besa.