The madness that is driving the web crazy

The madness that is driving the web crazy

Actress Egla Ceno is the Luiz of the moment on the network, but is the video where she was "expelled" from the reality show BBVip normal?!

Egla Ceno is the figure that is attracting more audiences, although often aggressive, the actress has still made commentators her own, because she often looks like a controversial figure against mediocrity.

A day after the last show, the actress was expelled for the gesture towards Meriton, who threw a glass of wine in his face.

Today, April 1, a video of the BBVip show shows Egla, in a room that is clearly built with the idea of ​​a psychiatric hospital.

The madness that is driving the web crazy

The feeling the viewers got is awkward. The actress's supporters are happy that she will have a chance to stay in the most famous house in Albania, but on the other hand, the crazy room, although it actually personifies textually many episodes of this show, still has an element of unrest. , because no one deserves to be treated as crazy, not even in the game.

This format for the type itself predicts extremes, still like the fans and the most indifferent commentators seem to have eagerly awaited the news, but remained open-mouthed with the room.