Meghan Markle talks about motherhood and abortion: What happens to our body is deeply personal

Meghan Markle talks about motherhood and abortion: What happens to our body is

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, talks openly about motherhood and womanhood. Less than a week after the Supreme Court overturned the abortion law, a landmark 1973 ruling securing the constitutional right to abortion, Meghan in an interview with Vogue with activist Gloria Steinem has revealed some of her personal experiences, since raising two children with Prince Harry to the point of suffering a miscarriage.

She and the Duke of Sussex have a 3-year-old son, Archie, and a 1-year-old daughter, Lilibet.

"I think how lucky I felt to be able to have both of my children," said Meghan Markle. "I know what it's like to have a connection to what's growing inside your body," she recalled her pregnancies. "What happens to our bodies is deeply personal," said Meghan.

A year before her daughter came to life, the duke showed that she had suffered a crisis after having an abortion. "I know what a miscarriage is, which I have talked about publicly," she said, referring to her 2020 article on the subject in The New York Times. "The more we normalize conversations about things that affect our lives and our bodies, the more people will realize how necessary it is to have protection."

Speaking about the overthrow of the law that gave the right to girls and women to perform abortions, Dukesha said that this seriously violates their freedoms.

"This has to do with the physical security of women. It is also about economic justice, individual autonomy and who we are as a society. No one should be forced to make a decision he does not want to make, is either insecure, or puts his life in danger. Honestly, whether it is a woman who is put in an unimaginable situation, a woman unwilling to start a family, or even a couple who deserves to plan their family in a way that makes more sense to them, it does matter with the choice. ”

Meghan said she has also discussed the topic with Prince Harry, who said she had a bold reaction to the Supreme Court decision. "He's also a feminist," Meghan said.