Commentary on Hillary Clinton and 3 Other Truths Revealed by Former Employee Melania Trump Book

Commentary on Hillary Clinton and 3 Other Truths Revealed by Former Employee

During her five years of work, in various roles as senior aide to Donald and Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham has seen and heard many things. She has discovered some of them in her memoir.

CNN has received a copy ahead of time, as the book goes on sale on Tuesday. So far it has revealed 5 details.

Like Donald Trump Melania was dying to read the news about her.

Grisham reveals that behind the stoic figure of the former First Lady who seemed not to mind anything that was not said about her in the media, stood a man who read every line that was written about her.

Melania Trump, or Rapunzel who stood in the tower

Stephanie reveals that Melania never went down to the offices where she worked. She tells how they exchanged a conversation with him and took orders across the stairs or at the elevator door. Melania was considered by employees as Rapunzel, as she stayed in the apartment all the time. Like the isolated princess in the tower. Melania attached great importance to self-care which included especially the many hours of sleep. She never woke up before 10 o'clock in the morning.

Melania called Ivanka the Princess

There was an obvious animosity between the two even though in public they managed to manage it well. Melania called her "princess" behind her back, while employees called Ivanka and her husband Jared "interns". Melania could not stand the fact that Ivanka was dying to behave like the First Lady. He did not even want to take them with him on a visit to England. Even after they left, Melania made sure neither Ivanka nor her husband were in the spotlight.

Melania was furious after the news that Donald Trump had betrayed and sexually abused several women

Grisham recounts how Melania got on the phone and asked the driver to go to a helicopter earlier than Trump. She did not want to go at once with the man who had disappointed her. "I do not want to be like Hillary Clinton who shook hands with Bill after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky," Melania told her employee.