Singer Beatrix Ramosaj message for bullying: For all those like me who are suffering in the skin

Singer Beatrix Ramosaj message for bullying: For all those like me who are

With tears in her eyes, Beatrix Ramosaj posted a video on the Tik Tok network as a message to herself and to all victims of bullying. Among other things, the singer who became part of Big Brother 1, says that she has been silent so far against the attacks, insults, accusations and curses against her and her family, but she has already decided not to be silent anymore and she does this for herself. and for anyone who just like her feels bullied.

Beatrix Ramosaj's full message:

I want to address today all the people who follow me and those who do not follow me, those who love me and those who do not love me!

I have been part of this industry since I was 15 years old. My public appearances have been very limited. I have never been a part of scandals. I have never been involved in online debates. I did not give many interviews. But the last 3 months, maybe more, have been endlessly abused in my name. I am cursed, my family is cursed, all the people who have supported me.

I had vendour to be silent. I wondered how I would cope with all this tension, but I see that it just is not ending for me. I would never want either I or others to be bullied, or attacked in my name. To show citizenship and become aware of the things we write!

I have been very silent but I will not be silent anymore!

I want to be a good example for girls and women! To tell them that we must stand up for ourselves and not bow our heads and accept violence, including online violence.

From now on any portal that will try to tarnish my image, any individual who will offend or threaten me will face legal consequences.

Thank you to the people who have supported me, to all those who are with me today! I would beg you all to think hard before we say the word! To get better with each other! We love each other more! We have a life. Love each other more!

See you with upcoming projects!

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