The singer of Guns N' Roses is accused of sexual harassment

The singer of Guns N' Roses is accused of sexual harassment

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has been sued by a former model who claims he sexually harassed her in 1989, almost 35 years later.

Sheila Kennedy, a former model and actress filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday, accusing the musician, whose real name is William Bruce Rose Jr., of raping her in his hotel room. after meeting him in New York at a nightclub.

Kennedy alleges in court documents that Rose 'used his fame, status and power as a celebrity to gain access to sexually manipulate, control and abuse her.

According to the lawsuit, Rose says he treated her as property used only for his own sexual pleasure.

The lawsuit adds that Kennedy felt there was no way out of this situation and was forced to accept.

She claims that she has suffered severe emotional, physical, financial and psychological distress as a result.

It is now seeking damages, but has not set a value.

Rose's lawyer said Kennedy's claims are 'fictitious'.

"Simply put, this incident never happened."

The photos that the fans have taken once, where the two appear together, seems to implicate the situation. In this regard, the lawyer chose not to comment.

"Rose is convinced that this case will be resolved in his favor," said the lawyer.