We propose you small vacations that keep the marriage alive

We propose you small vacations that keep the marriage alive
16 years married. Even a few years connected and in cohabitation, Eni Jani and Genc Fuga have found the secret to make the marriage lasting. In fact, Genci found it and Eni did not say no.

In the video podcast with Mira Kazhani, Genci mentioned "marriage holidays".
"We all forget to take small breaks. "We do not know in concept what marital leave means", said Genci.

And no, getting married does not mean taking a break or breaking up with your spouse. They both choose to take a break from marriage.
Without asking much time or money, their bridal vacation is also a drive through Tirana, with radio music in the background, when the evening has just fallen.

Here is how they both describe it (detached from the video podcast with Mira Kazhani)

Genci Fuga: Usually when we finish the part here (in the theater), we make a little longer way to go home.

Eni Jani: We fall for a long time. We extend the way.

Mira Kazhani: Take a walk around Tirana?

Genc Fuga: Jo. It's the New Ring. Erion has as domain, Veliaj that is. We like to put on a certain radio channel, even walk. We have it as relaxation.

Mira Kazhani: These are the wedding holidays we talked about before.

Genc Fuga: And then with that melodic line that we have in mind and with that relaxation, Eni has a habit of gathering in his own seat until the police take him as a child, this also happened. When we then go to the girls, no matter how late, we still find the freshness of the relationship already with the girls. These are the little vacations I said we do not have the manual. We do not know how they are used in marriage.

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