'Vip Farm' that is bringing out the good side of our VIPs

'Vip Farm' that is bringing out the good side of our VIPs

"Ferma Vip", a reality show that started broadcasting on Vizion Plus a few days ago, is the surprise of television. A reality show that first aims to care for animals, farm work is also taking care to explore the best sides of our VIPs.

No noise, negativity, fight for survival... Last night's punta was Albano Bogdo's confession about his childhood, about his divorced parents, about his love for his mother, which stole the tears of all the competitors, but also Fjoralba, Bes and Kel Demit.

What made Albano's story more powerful was his admission of alcohol addiction and his struggle to overcome it. This was a moment that made even Enkel Demi surrender, appreciating that it takes strength and courage to accept and tell the truth.

Albano for divorce...

My father and mother were the first couple to divorce in Saranda, during the time of democracy. There had never been a divorce in the city. Lovers used to say: You are the man of the house now. You need to work. They take you away from childhood. He puts down the books and takes a thermos of ice cream, a bag of scoops and a crate of bananas from the other arm.

For father...

The biggest enemy he had in life was me. The biggest enemy I had in my life was him. We spent 10 days together and realized that we had no enmity with each other. He started crying and hugged me. We hadn't hugged in 22 years. I didn't know my father loved me.

For the mother...

He tells me, jump from the 300th floor, without any reason, I jump straight away. I have the light of my eyes. I barely have it. 10 men could not do what she has done for me as a woman.

Albano talked about the problems with alcohol addiction, giving it up and finally closed it with a message of strength: Men who do not accept the mistakes they have made, take them, chew them, process them and they say they did it, they have problems with themselves. They are afraid of slipping again.

Enkel Demi for Albano...

You know that I appreciate your art, your comedy, your dark humor, and I even appreciate your intellectual courage. You, Albano, are an extraordinary artist and you have your whole life ahead of you to be even greater, even more extraordinary. You are among the few who think it is a disaster that you operate in a small market like Albania. But today I think that you are a good man and a great man, because you are a real man. You have the courage to speak, to tell! In a part of your story I find myself a lot, because reporting how the man (in this case) is related to the vice, is the relationship to the truth. A man who has the strength to get out of the addiction of vice is a real man and we are blessed to have you Albano!

At the end, Bes Kallaku recited a poem by Lulzim Tafa, about his mother.