Fedez: Illness changed my relationship with money

Fedez: Illness changed my relationship with money

"Before I had cancer, I had a money target, it was two hundred million euros," Fedez revealed in his Wild Moss podcast. Addressing rapper Lazza, the guest of the episode, he also added:

"Now I do not care: it is a goal that no longer makes sense and do you know why? "Because if you assume that it reaches 200, then you always want more, then it is 300, then 400. Then it reaches the billion and in any case it realizes that this is not the final goal".

The disease appears to have changed the singer, who on March 23, 2022 underwent surgery to remove a neuroendocrine tumor in the pancreas. Fedez stayed 6 hours in the hall to remove the measure he had.

"Illness has changed my relationship with money," he explained, who no longer considers money as a goal, but as a means. A tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including that to do well.