What was Jude Ferit's biggest pledge?

What was Jude Ferit's biggest pledge?

In a story for Tiranapost, Bora, the daughter of Xhevdet Ferit, spoke for the first time. It showed that his biggest pledge was withdrawal from politics.

"The thing I regretted the most was withdrawing from politics. She was, if I may call it regret. Because he was a man in the full sense of the word, he had a very pronounced responsibility. He always praised the decisions he had made. "I know that he regretted it", said Bora.

But why did he withdraw?

"It was such a period. It was '97. Xhoda also had this ability that greatly polarized people. Those who loved him, loved him very much, unconditionally. While those who envied him fought it to the maximum. Xhoda has had several public lynchings. He was fired with great solemnity, in the period of reform for the theater. That's why I said that when I enter the theater I have a steppe, because I have seen a lot. I have not only seen theatrical performances in halls but also in theater stages. Public debates have taken place. He had the whole community of actors against. They said to Xeta: “Why did you bring Bora here because they will handcuff him. "This is caught by the construction mafia that will destroy our theater", Bora tells Tiranapost.

What was Jude Ferit's biggest pledge?

Bora adds that even today, after 20 years, things have progressed slowly in terms of theater reform, as she says: "Maybe now it will see the light."

"Things are progressing very slowly, so Xhoda was upset. So they have lynched him many times publicly. They tried to kill him, crush him, demystify his figure, but he has risen. He had this strength within himself. He was also very young. "He was under 40 then."