Chiara Ferragni and the panetonia that ruined the influencer's December and not only

Chiara Ferragni and the panetonia that ruined the influencer's December and

This year 1 panettone costs Chiara Ferragni over a million euros. This is the fine imposed by the Competition Authority in Italy, while the Balocco group that produces panettone received a fine of 420,000 euros.

what happened

The Competition Authority in Italy condemned the marketing done by the influencer and the group Bolocco as it, according to them, deceives consumers by exploiting the charity for children suffering from bone cancer. According to them this story was used only to increase sales and for nothing more.

It all dates back to about a year ago, when in November 2022 Balocco launched the Pandoro Pink Christmas, a pink pandoro designed by Chiara Ferragni, at a cost of over 9 euros compared to around 3.7 euros for the classic Balocco pandoro, letting consumers understand that, by purchasing it, they will contribute to the purchase of a new machine for the treatment of children suffering from osteosarcoma.

But for the authorities it is not like that, it is a misleading advertisement. The investigation began on January 19 and revealed that the pandoro designed by Ferragni was essentially a marketing ploy, carried out by Balocco to modernize its product image and reposition it in the market. The donation to the hospital in Turin, advertised as linked to Pandora sales, had nothing to do with them, the investigation found.

Chiara Ferragni earns 95 thousand euros for a post on her Instagram address with 29.7 million followers.

Fedez reacted today saying that: My wife will challenge what was said in the relevant forums and defend herself. Also because my wife, unlike the people who make up her party, could not benefit from parliamentary immunity. Therefore she will pay if she has to pay and she will defend herself if she has to defend herself ".

Chiara Ferragni has only said that: I am sorry if anyone may have misunderstood my communication and questioned my good faith. My family and I will continue to do charity as we have always done. Since I consider the decision taken against me unfair, I will oppose it in the competent bodies", writes the influencer on Instagram.